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We Took On The Music Run By AIA. Here’s What Happened

The Music Run by AIA saw over 10,000 people running to their favourite tunes

By Nicole-Marie Ng

The Music Run by AIA (Singapore) - 1

The fun run saw participants from all walks of life enjoying a leisurely run around Sentosa to their favourite tunes.

Last Saturday, 10,000 people gathered at Sentosa to join the world’s loudest fun run. With over 120 concert quality speakers pumping 150,000 watts of music over the 5km course across Sentosa, the beat drove all the runners forward.

Some chose to run all the way but many Music Runners™ opted to walk and take numerous selfies along the way. The running trail was littered with photo opportunities like Harley Davidson bikers in the AIA Rock Zone, giant beach balls and bubble machines at the Pop Zone and pop star doppelgangers in theOld School Zone. The music for each zone was voted for by the runners  and mainly featured upbeat tracks like Bigbang’s “Bang Bang Bang” and “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples.

The Music Run by AIA (Singapore) - 6

Music Runners™ enjoying themselves at the Silent Disco where music is pumped into headphones instead of speakers.

Running for everyone

The upbeat crowd was mainly made up of enthusiastic teens and young adults but there were also Music Runners™ as young as 3 months old to over 83 years old. Families also took the run as a fun day out, with fathers carrying toddlers on their shoulders the entire way.

The Music Run started just 3 years ago in Kuala Lumpur but has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It is s slated to hit 40 cities in 18 countries this year and experienced by over 350,000 Music Runners™ the world over.

The Music Run by AIA (Singapore) - 8

The party lasted well into the night with DJs playing hit after chart-topping hit.

This was the second year the run was held in Singapore and the event sold out one week prior to the run. “We are stoked with the sell-out response for this year’s event and this shows that Singaporeans relish unique experiences. It is this fun, non-competitive factor and the winning combination of two popular interests, music and running, that has given The Music Run™ its universal appeal,” said Ben Pember, Executive Director of Exceed Sports & Entertainment, organiser and Event Promoter of The Music Run™ in Singapore and Asia.

While the run took the average participant about an hour to complete, Music Runners™ partied well into the night with performances by The Sam Willows and Australian DJ Sam Withers.