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Line up with a Super Junior

#38 Be Happier Choi Si Won

Choi Si Won is famous for being a member of K-pop band Super Junior. He speaks with us on his latest projects

Newly appointed as ambassador for the mobile app Line, Choi Si Won of Super Junior shares with Weekender about his latest projects and other thoughts.

Are you a person that has to stay connected via social media?

I update my status via social media all the time. I enjoy being on social media. My status updates on Line, for example, are usually about the new places, countries or cities that I visit and sometimes even the different types of food that I try whenever I travel. If you check my timeline, it’s just filled with pictures!

What do you like about Line?

Super Junior has recently launched Line Official Account. Through that, news on Super Junior is provided in real time. Also, the best part of it is that we can talk to our fans one-on-one when we are in ‘On-Air’ mode. When the ‘On-Air’ light is on our account, it means that we are actually messaging to our fans. We are planning to go ‘On-Air’ sometime soon, and looking forward to have more interactive conversation with Singaporean fans.

What is in the pipeline?

Super Show 5 is happening in Singapore in July! All the members are putting every ounce of their energy to prepare for the Super Show. I hope many Singapore fans are looking forward to it!

You’re a singer, actor and model. Which do you prefer?

From the very beginning, I had this ambition to become both a singer and an actor. While chasing these two paths, my modelling career just followed. Picking just one of them will be difficult.

Any memorable moment on the job thus far?

I think it must be the first stage debut as a Super Junior member. I can still clearly remember how loud all our fans were screaming Super Junior and my name!

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I have many different facial expressions. In fact, I have funny expressions and a playful side of me. I believe that my fans have recently started to notice the humorous side of me.

What makes you happy?

My family and fans. Those who drive me to go further are the very reason for my happiness and the reason for my existence.

What would you like to say to your Singaporean fans?

Thank you so much for supporting my work and for being the greatest fans to Super Junior and myself… I hope to see you soon; ‘til then, take care and stay awesome. Love you guys!

Any advice for budding singers or actors?

If you do something with honesty and steadiness, the efforts you show will draw and move fans’ hearts. Always be thankful and modest, and try to give back love that the fans have given all the time, and then you will become famous without realising it.