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Mandopop Superstar Angela Zhang Is Back

We anticipate her “100% Angela Zhang World Tour” concert on 18 Nov


For many Mandopop fans, Angela Zhang’s appearance in Singapore earlier this month was an exciting affair.

“Hello Singapore, it’s been nine years since we last met,” Zhang greeted the room. “How have you been?”

Indeed, it’s been almost a decade since the Taiwanese Mandopop queen came to Singapore, but passionate fans have not forgotten the powerful voice and stage presence of the petite singer.

Members of her fan club in presence gave her their fullest support, chanting a cheer after she greeted them: “It’s okay if you took longer than before, you’ll still be our number one!”

Zhang’s upcoming concert in Singapore, to be held on 18 Nov, will be the sixth stop in her world tour. She will be belting out familiar favourites as well as new songs from her latest album, “Head Over Heels”.

In an interview, Weekender chats with Zhang about her latest launch and her feelings about coming back to perform for her fans in Singapore.

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Welcome back to Singapore, Angela! How does it feel to be back?

Coming back to Singapore this time round is definitely a refreshing experience. I’m astonished to see how much it has changed.

My impression of Singapore is completely different, and wow, there is now so much cool architecture around. I’ve been told about Gardens By The Bay, which I am very keen to visit.

To me, the greatest beauty of Singapore is that it is not as claustrophobic and packed as some other large cities. Rubbish is also never thrown on the floor. It is indeed a beautiful, clean and green city.

You studied here when you were younger. How different is it to you now?

I was in Singapore for a year to learn English. Everything around me was fresh and new. I wanted to explore everything! Now that I’ve matured and am here to do publicity as an artiste, all I can remember are the passionate fans from Singapore.

But it’s also not as humid and hot as I remember… The weather is surprisingly acceptable! [Laughs]


You’ve been in the industry for fifteen years; Xiao Xi from “My MVP Valentine” has now matured into a lady. what has been your biggest change?

I personally feel that time will make a person grow and change for the better. I entered the industry at 17 or 18 years old. Looking back, I was completely immature and used to blindly follow orders without contributing my own ideas.

Now, I adopt the “#YOLO” (You Only Live Once) attitude as my mantra. I am more confident [in] saying whatever I want to say and showing everybody the real ‘me’.

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