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New K-Drama “My Holo Love” To Stream On Netflix This February

Popular stars Ko Sung-Hee and Yoon Hyun-Min will start in this unique love triangle drama.

Most of us are still soaked in the Chinese New Year atmosphere but let’s admit. We have to start preparing for Valentine’s Day too. Have you started to shop for your other half?  Need some cheesy words to add into your Valentine’s Day card?

Well, get some inspirations from a unique love triangle drama – My Holo Love.

The drama is the first Netflix Korean original series of 2020, directed by Lee Sang-yeop and written by renowned screenwriter Ryu Yong-jae.

My Holo Love follows the unique story of three not-so-perfect but extraordinary characters. So-yeon, played by Ko Sung-hee, has distanced herself from the rest of the world due to her face blindness disorder.

Yoon Hyun-min plays both Holo and Nan-do who look exactly the same but are polar opposites. Holo is a perfect AI assistant who realizes his limits as an artificial intelligence. Nan-do is Holo’s developer who begins to have feelings for Soyeon, while watching her and Holo interact.

This is an emotional romantic drama about young people who seem to have glamorous lives but are suffering from broken hearts. What is especially intriguing is one of the main character’s existence as an AI hologram. This drama is about a unique love triangle and a heartwarming contemporary story of togetherness,” says director Lee Sang-yeop.

Do you think a romance between a hologram and a real person can work out?

My Holo Love will premiere on February 7, 2020, exclusively on Netflix.