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10 Underrated Shows On Netflix You Should Be Watching Right Now

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You’ve been to the Upside Down with the Stranger Things gang, faced all the prison cliques of Orange Is The New Black, and questioned your relationship with technology thanks to Black Mirror.

What next? Your Netflix queue has tons more room. There’s so much content coming out on the streaming giant every year, it’s hard to know what’s worth watching, and we often miss out on some really excellent ones. Here are 10 hidden gems on Netflix we love that you should totally add to your list.

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1. The Good Place

What it’s about: Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) wakes up one day in a utopian town known as “The Good Place,” a kind of heaven where people who have been righteous throughout their lives go after they pass away. Except there’s been a mistake – Eleanor, who’s led a self-absorbed life, doesn’t deserve to be in The Good Place.

Why you should watch: The Good Place is the latest hit from Michael Schur, the creator of all our favourite sitcoms – The Office (US version), Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So you can expect riotous antics, laugh-out-loud hilarity, relatable characters played by a diverse cast, and realistic situations that make you think. Unlike his previous sitcoms, Schur ventures into a little sci-fi here, and plants so many shocking and exciting twists you’ll be yelling, “What the fork?” So it’s best not to read up on this series too much before you start – just dive in and enjoy the ride!

Seasons One and Two are currently available on Netflix, and the third season will premiere on 28 September on Netflix Singapore.

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