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Things You Do Not Know About Sentosa, Singapore

You may have been to Sentosa countless times, but how much do you exactly know about Sentosa?

Do you know that Sentosa is turning 50 this year? Over the years, Sentosa has grown and continuously refreshed its offerings, transforming into a leading leisure destination and attracting millions of visitors each year.

Do you also know that Sentosa was once British military base? There are many other facets of Sentosa and its history that may be less well known to some.

Here are some interesting facts about Sentosa that you may not know:

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1. Sentosa is Home to More Than 20 Carefully Conserved Buildings

Capella Singapore once accommodated officers of the British Royal Artillery and their families? Today, the heritage building has been integrated into the modern six-star resort. Surrounded by 30-acres of lush green landscape, Capella Singapore has also played host to the Bloomberg New Economy Forum and DPRK-USA Singapore Summit.

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