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Is Your Memory Better Than A Drinks Uncle Or Auntie?

Put your brain power to the test with this quick game of coffee shop skills


Photo: Alpha / Flickr

Fancy yourself a brainiac who can retain information and rattle off orders in rapid fire?

It’s time to put your money where your kopi is. A simple game was published by Singaporean blogger Chintokkong, measuring how well you’d perform if you were a drinks assistant in a coffee shop.

Each correct delivery earns you 20 cents, and each mistake costs you 10 cents. Your objective is to earn as much money as possible in 100 seconds. According to its opening page, it’s all “very very simple…”

For maximum immersion, imagine being in a hot and humid environment with other stall owners shouting out their own orders.

Can your short-term memory be as gao as kopi with milk? Take the test here.