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Lose Yourself In Asia’s Largest Mirror Maze At Science Centre

Go on a trippy adventure down mind-boggling corridors at Science Centre’s newest permanent exhibit

Photo: Science Center

Due to popular demand, world leading mirror maze designer and holder of seven Guinness World Records, Adrian Fisher Design, has returned with an all-new mirror maze exhibit in celebration of Science Centre’s 40 year anniversary.

The last mirror maze hosted by Science Centre was nearly two decades ages and visitors will be thrilled by the latest permanent mirror maze exhibition, open to the public from today on.

Titled Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic!, the mirror maze is pretty similar to an escape room  — even without clues, it’s a challenge to find the exit once you enter!

Here, you’ll be able to fool your senses as your brain and eyes try to reconcile what you are actually seeing.

Besides viewing yourself from thousands of different angles, you can also assist Professor Crackitt in finding his parrot, Wattnot, while fixing some of his experiments.

With over 105 interactive exhibits, the exhibit will delight kids and adults alike as they explore the science behind light and reflections.

From one-way mirrors to secret rooms, the space will also feature holograms and fake exits that will leave you disillusioned.

If you are interested to see how theaters and haunted houses create transparent ghostly images, look out for Pepper’s Ghost — The Invisibility Regulator who creates uncanny ghostly presences.

To get to the mirror maze, you’ll first have to traverse through the other new permanent exhibition, The Mind’s Eye.

Dive into the world of optical illusions and mind-boggling exhibits that will totally change your perception of objects and the environment.

You don’t have to be a fan of science to really enjoy the exhibits.

Even something as simple as a wire structure like the View With A Twist will intrigue visitors as the sculpture takes on a different form depending on your point of view.

Admission to The Mind’s Eye and Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! is included in the entrance fee to Science Centre.