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Red Alert: Kim Woo-bin Is Coming To Singapore

BRB, getting emotionally prepared

Cover photo: Wikimedia Commons; Photos: Courtesy of Golden Village


Update: The Master Meet-the-Fans Session will take place on 12 Jan, 7pm, at the Front Plaza, Level 1, Plaza Singapura. Kim Woo-bin, Gang Dong-won and Cho Ui-seok will also be at the Gala Premiere at 8.30pm at the Capitol Theatre.

This is not a drill. K-drama hottie Kim Woo-bin will be heading to Singapore, accompanied by actor Gang Dong-won and director Cho Ui-seok, on 12 Jan, 2017. They will be in town for the Master Singapore Star Tour to promote the upcoming crime-action movie Master.

The trio will attend a Meet-and-Greet Session at Plaza Singapura and the movie’s Gala Premiere at Capitol Theatre on 12 Jan. Master is the first Korean movie to premiere at the Capitol Theatre.


In the film, Kim stars as software genius Park Jang-gun, who aids Jin Hyun-pil (Lee Byung-hun) in operating a massive pyramid scheme. Hot on their tail is investigator Captain Kim (Gang), who Jin and Park skilfully evade to stay one step ahead. The movie opens in cinemas on 13 Jan, 2017.

More details on the Meet and Greet Session and Gala Premiere will be released soon.

Kim Woo-bin, Gang Dong-won and director Cho Ui-seok will be in Singapore on 12 Jan, 2017.