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How To Treats Your Dogs Healthily

Dogs are a lovely addition to your home, they can become a family member in no time, enhancing your lifestyle, spreading love and fun in the house.

Getting a cuddly member to cuddle with, is a sure shot sign that you are going to spoil them with treats as a token of love.

Eating treats can be healthy for dogs, some provide vitamins that the regular food can’t, besides having mouth-watering savors that your furry friend will love.

However, you must feed them with the right snacks for positive reinforcement.

Why do dogs need treats?

Feeding your dogs with treats is a symbol of affection and needs to be given to your cute pals for all the right reasons and at the right time.

Usually, dog owners have to leave their four-legged pals alone in the house to attend to their job. Social needs and jobs can result in long hours of separation and absolutely nil interaction during the whole period when you are out for work. Returning and feeding your dog with their favorite treats can be a substitute and sorry for all the time that your dogs had to spend without you. Treats help to build a relationship with your dog.

If you have rescued a pet from a place where they were ill-treated or had no food to eat, then treating them to some good and yummy foods is a way out to make them forget their past and to start afresh. If you want to show love to your furry pal, treats are a great idea!

Surprising your pets with occasional treats in between their meals is something that you can do to let them enjoy a delicious treat, and for sure, they will love it.

Also, experts suggest that if you are planning to train your dogs, then the best way out is to save some of their favorite delicacies for the training sessions. Treats can be used as a positive reinforcement for training and if you start bribing them, you will see how they dance to your tunes and obey your commands. But while using treats as a training tool, make sure that you do not train them just after a full meal or they would not take much interest in the same.

What kind of treat should I give to my dog?

While choosing a dog treat for your furry friends, do not just go by their taste buds, but also consider the healthy aspects of the treat that you are choosing.

It is good if you have a look at the ingredients of the treats before placing it into your cart. Also, carefully watch out for any ingredient that your dogs may be allergic to otherwise you may have a tough time coping with undesirable allergic reactions in your cute little buddies.

“Dogs have a different healthy food palate in comparison to humans, and thus all that is good for you may not be good for your dogs, so, choose wisely and get something that is tasty and healthy at the same time” advises the Hong Kong pet store, Whiskers N Paws.

Jerkies, chicken bits, dental treats, pig ears, organic fruits like apples, carrots, chewies meat strips are healthy dog treats that you can consider giving to your dogs.

It is said the treats should be ideally between 5 to 10% of your dog’s overall diet. These treats are non-hazardous and will not raise any health issues, but it is always a good idea to consult a vet to find out any sort of dietary concerns for your dogs.

You have an ample number of options to choose a treat for your pooch, but make sure that your treats are never over treats or your dogs may suffer from health issues and obesity. Proper administration of treats is necessary along with some discipline and exercise so that the nutritional value and health concerns are not missed out.