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5 Inconspicuous Haunted Places In Singapore And The Stories Behind Them

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5. Amber Beacon Tower, East Coast Park

Frequent visitors of East Coast Park might be familiar with the Amber Beacon Tower with its striking yellow presence. The tower is a popular hangout spot for students, and also happens to be the hotspot for many supernatural sightings in the park. There have been claims of sightings of a female apparition, and haunting screams of help at the top, which, in true ghostly fashion, leads to nothing according to those dare enough to locate the source.

The latest documented event associated with the supposed haunted tower is a 1990’s case, where a couple was attacked on a date night gone awry. Two masked assailants attacked and stabbed the couple while they were seated on the tower’s spiral staircase. The female died from her wounds, while her counterpart survived. 27 years later, the murder case still remains unsolved.

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