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#TheWeekendList: 9-11 September 2022

Woman dancing in a music festival in double color exposure effect

Music Festivals are coming back!

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Known as one of Asia’s largest NFT x ART Exhibition Events, ARTAVERSE has successfully allowed visitors to experience an all-immersive exhibition in Hong Kong. The event facilitated the exploration of multifarious interesting activities to interact with digital art exhibits and explore the blend of art and technology.

The core theme of ARTAVERSE is the collaboration between Art and Technology, along with all its subsets. The Art-Tech aspect of the exhibition would broaden the focal point to include along Music related art, Voxel art, Local Art, Virtual economy and more. This would also assist in promoting the seamless integration between Art and Technology and also inspire more members of the public to join along this evolution into the Art x Tech sphere.

Through ARTAVERSE, the team also wishes to encourage a new generation of art fans and lovers to not only understand and comprehend traditional and digital art – but also to educate them on the concept of Art appreciation and collection, even to the extent of creating some of these memorable art pieces.

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