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7 Ways To Engage Students On Zoom

Online education has gained huge popularity during and after the Covid. Studies have shown that this study mode has become a highly effective educational way for students of every level.

These days, more organizations and academies provide the opportunity for online learning. This is not limited to huge academies; even small-level tuition services offer this opportunity. The best tutor or agency knows the use of technology in their services and always tries to take maximum advantage of it. One of the most effective tools for this purpose is the Zoom. It is a platform for online meetings, classes, and group sessions. The software is more popular for its incredibly user-friendly interface, and most educational institutes use it for online sessions. However, there are still some steps you have to take to make your learning process more engaging for your students.

Many will be surprised; what is more beneficial than having expertise in your field? Or how can you involve the students more efficiently in the video class? Don’t worry! We are here to tell you the secret to an engaging class your students will love to join!

Set an Organized Space

The first step is organization. Many tutors/teachers need to pay more attention to this step, and they provide lectures sitting in an unorganized place with noise or activities going on in the back. It is a huge red flag for your students’ engagement. They will easily get bored and always behave the same if they see an undisciplined attitude in their teacher. You must set up a clean and organized room with no noise or hustle to make your students pay attention and listen to you. Also, ensure your desk is clean with no food items or piles of books and files. A well-styled desk with a clean background and calm environment contributes fully to your professionalism and makes your student disciplined and engaged.

Use the Best Resources

Wrong voices or disrupting the internet gives an extremely bad and undisciplined impression. Even the best tutor or academy must often pay more attention to using good quality tools and high-speed internet. Though it asks for investment, this small factor can be the pillar of your successful online classroom. Use good quality microphones and headphones to incorporate professionalism and discipline, and opt for a backup internet service. The non-interactive class will encourage engagement in the students, and they will wait every day to join the class. In addition, you should also suggest to your class members to use high-quality tools and the best internet to avoid disturbance or distractions during the learning hour.

Start with an Interesting Discussion

Every person faces different problems in their lives. Some come happy, while others have a lot of stress. Start your class with a healthy and interesting discussion to bring them to the present. Choose a topic that all your students will love, or you may ask them for suggestions and discuss it with maximum votes. It will wake their mind and encourage interaction, and this way, they will be interactive throughout the session. If your class has a shy student, try to make them comfortable and discuss something of their interest. It will make them comfortable and build confidence in them. The more engaging tactics you use in your teaching session, the more engaging your class will be.

Use Interactive Tools

Students are often present at the start, but within a few minutes, they lose interest in the topic and start thinking about other activities. To avoid this and make them present throughout the class, use interactive tools such as polls, quizzes, or whiteboards. This way, they will try to stay attentive. You can create a poll about the topic, ask a quiz, or even ask one of the students to share their screen to look at their notes. The more you use these tools, the more they will try to be attentive. It also encourages engagement and lets them express their views on a certain issue. This idea is used by most of the best tutors and online academies to boost student engagement and help them learn more!

Ask Questions

Asking questions informs you how your students understand topics and lets you know if they are present at the moment. When you continuously ask questions from different class members during the session, they will always try to be attentive. However, too many questions may bore them. Ask a query after ending a topic or with a minimum fifteen-minute gap for better results. It will keep them engaged, and you will better understand their command of their learning topic. You can also celebrate the best answers by the students; this way, everyone will interact, and your class will be interesting and engaging.

Use Slides with Timers

When offering online sessions, ensure your slides have a fixed timer. It will let the students stay present, and they will try to read the full slide within the mentioned time. Using a timer is one of the most effective techniques for boosting engagement and interaction. Even the slow readers will try to be fast and fully understand the written notes. Many software offers you the opportunity to design slides with fixed timers. You can also make them interesting using animation, audio, and attractive visuals. The better your presentation, the more attentive your student will be. Attractive visuals also make your class fun and interactive.

Set Reward for Better Performance

Students love to celebrate. They like it when someone appreciates or encourages them to perform their best. To make your class more attentive and interactive, announce an award for the best performance. Also, mention the best performance list, which should include presence during sessions, interactions, and answers to queries. This way, every student will interact during the class and try to give his best performance. Celebrating your students’ engagement will encourage them to stay active and answer the questions. They will always try to attend the sessions regularly and perform well. When your students perform better, you will gain more popularity in your field.

Wrapping Up!

Engagement and interaction are extremely crucial during video classes. You only know if a student is present or absent-minded if they communicate. Many of the best tutors and tuition academies use the abovementioned techniques to engage their students during the learning session. Making your students communicate during the learning process helps them understand better and build confidence in them. So whenever you are offering an online Zoom session, make sure you follow the above steps! Thank us later!