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#TheWeekendList: 7-9 October 2022

Look forward to yummy launches such as Genki Sushi x Calbee!

It is not a bad idea to go on a shopping date too.

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1. Genki Sushi x Calbee

Genki Sushi teams up with Calbee to inject a toothsome crunch into Genki Sushi’s already well-loved offerings.  Expect yummy dishes from Genki Sushi’s ever-popular Maki range: Think Ebi Fry, Teriyaki Chicken, and Lobster Salad, topped with Calbee’s distinctive “Hot and Spicy” potato chips.

Get your hands on the “Fully Loaded Jagabee” range, featuring items such as the Crispy Popcorn Chicken Nanban, Crispy Mentai Ebi, and Takoyaki, all thoughtfully paired with various flavours of Jagabee potato sticks. Complete the meal with Genki Sushi’s velvety soft serve ice cream; such as Hokkaido Milk, Matcha, and Japanese Peach soft serve sitting on various flavours of crispy fries from Jagabee.

Available at all Genki Sushi outlets.

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