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#TheWeekendList: 6-8 August 2021

It is the National Day Long Weekend!

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10. The All-New Magnum Mini Dulce de Leche

Step into a deeply decadent world of creamy caramel with the all-new Magnum Mini Dulce de Leche. The ultimate indulgence inspired by the Latin American delicacy. Furthermore, crack into the Magnum’s signature classic milk chocolate. And unveil a creamy and smooth caramel ice cream, swirled with caramel sauce for an indulgent twist.

To elevate your pleasure moment, Magnum and Absolutely Batter are releasing an exclusive Magnum x Absolutely Batter. ‘The Dulce de Leche Crumbwich’ is launch in celebration of the new Magnum Mini Dulce de Leche. Retailing exclusively on Absolutely Batter for S$24.90, the bundle includes 1 box of Magnum Mini Dulce de Leche and 1 tube of Magnum x Absolutely Batter ‘The Dulce de Leche Crumbwich’.

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