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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit BHG Bugis New Beauty Hall

While other retailers are busy moving their sale online, BHG Bugis Junction is back with a new look at their Beauty Hall.

After months of renovation, BHG Bugis has finally opened its revamped Beauty Hall. It is not an exaggeration to say that this new transformation will indeed make girls scream and excite! Team Weekender has explored the place and here are five reasons that you should visit them now.

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1. Doubled the number of Beauty Brands

Even the hottest beauty brand Gucci Beauty has entered BHG! Gucci Beauty has launched its first ever “island-counter” in Southeast Asia at BHG Bugis.

There is also Burberry Beauty, the exclusive beauty counter with a new refreshing concept.

Moreover, bringing Maison 21G closer to the shoppers, the brand’s first counter in Singapore’s departmental store. It has an AI-powered app which guides you in your creation to the right mix of ingredients according to your personality, occasion and taste.

Thereafter, there is Beauty Library™, an exclusive retail concept curated by BHG. It is dedicated to nature inspired beauty labels ranging from skincare, bodycare, beauty gadgets and socially conscious tea. At launch, Beauty Library™ houses 20 nature-inspired labels including 14 BHG-exclusive brands.

BHG Bugis Beauty Hall has doubled the number of beauty brands – from 48 brands to 94 brands – and expanded the beauty categories with a curated collection of international beauty brands and nature-inspired brands at affordable pricing. Head over and explore the counters yourself!

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