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#TheWeekendList: 4-6 February 2022

This weekend, you may consider popping by ATLAS to try out their new drinking menu.

Or head over to Gardens by the Bay to check out the 4-metre tall Mickey and friends!

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1. ATLAS New Drinking Menu – Sense of Place

Since its official opening in March 2017, ATLAS has been ranked annually in the World’s 50 Best Bar Listings. Today, they are introducing a new drinking menu – Sense of Place by ATLAS. Developed by Head Bartender Jesse Vida and the ATLAS team, the new menu explores the lively spirit and energy of European Art Deco architecture, as well as shared connections between past and present. Look forward to a menu of cocktails featuring innovative techniques, curious ingredients and many unexpected, yet delicious flavour combinations.

‘Sense of Place’ is divided into seven chapters, each with a whimsical illustration of an European Art Deco landmark, beautifully displaying the unique and ornate traits of each building. Head over and explore the different chapters with your sense of sight and taste.

ATLAS is located at 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778.

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