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#TheWeekendList: 3-5 September 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner! Visit Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival or do some mooncake shopping at Takashimaya Mid Autumn Festival 2021!

Or if you are an IT person, COMEX is coming back!

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1. Raffles Courtyard Presents An Exclusive Selection of Artisanal Cocktails With Citadelle Gin

From now to 31 October 2021, Raffles Courtyard introduces guests to an exclusive collaboration with Citadelle, a multi-award-winning French Gin with over 25 years of rich experience. This collaboration features an array of cocktails imbued with ingenuity created by Raffles Courtyard and Citadelle.

Discover two of Citadelle’s creations featuring its newest gin, Citadelle Jardin d’été, permanent addition to the Citadelle portfolio and Bonbonnet Fizz; joyful merriment of Citadelle Jardin d’été with mint and thyme, evoking fresh and herbaceous citrusy notes.

Continue this invigorating journey with four cocktails handcrafted exclusively by Raffles Courtyard’s bartenders such as Courtyard Breeze; featuring Citadelle Original, this delightful pink cocktail amplifies the botanicals of Citadelle’s well-loved Gin, leaving a dry aftertaste with subtle hints of floral notes.

Especially on Thursday nights, indulge in Citadelle’s exciting G&T O’clock and enjoy a refreshing glass Gin & Tonic at only S$10++ from 3.00pm to 10.00pm.

Raffles Courtyard is located at 328 North Bridge Rd, 1st Floor Raffles Arcade, Singapore 188719.

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