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#TheWeekendList: 3-5 June 2022

There are new restaurants for you to try out!

You can also game like a pro at Fairmont Singapore this weekend.

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2. Kaarla Restaurant & Bar & Oumi Opens on Rooftop of CapitaSpring

Three new concepts restaurant are opened on the rooftop of CapitaSpring on level 51. Kaarla Restaurant and Bar serves Coastal Australian cuisine, together with Oumi, Modern Japanese Kappo Dining and the world’s highest 1-Arden Food Forest spanning 10,000 square feet with five themed gardens.

The rooftop concepts of Kaarla, Oumi, and the 1-Arden Food Forest are linked inextricably with the farming efforts and in-house grown produce. Kaarla and Oumi share the same space and a quintessentially Australian outward-looking, open approach to showcasing the best each has to offer. Following the principles of ESG and UN sustainability topics focused on the ethos of using fresh produce to the fullest (‘nose-to-tail’). Both restaurants receive a bounty of seasonal, responsibly sourced and ethically raised produce. Coming from Australia for its rich biodiversity, but also the best local farms in Singapore, and the 1-Arden Food Forest; Japan is another source for Oumi.

These multi-concepts form 1-Arden, a sanctuary and the latest F&B lifestyle destination by 1-Group. It is set to take diners on a heightened, transportive and transformative experience of discoveries across a collection of distinctive, unique concepts.

They are located at 88 Market Street, CapitaSpring #51-01 Singapore 048948.

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