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#TheWeekendList: 3-5 December 2021

WOW! You want it, you got it! From food to events and to shopping, there are plenty of surprises for you to choose from!

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1. KFC X Lay’s Serve Up The NEW BBQ Crunch Chicken

KFC fried chicken and Lay’s potato chips already have you licking your fingers when enjoyed separately, imagine what will happen when you taste this combination. This fantasy is now a reality, get ready to bite into the most addictive creation – the NEW BBQ Crunch Chicken!

Marinated hot and spicy fresh chicken is hand-breaded with a special flour mix choked full of Lay’s potato chips, fried to golden perfection, and coated with BBQ flavour for that extra kick! The crust locks in all the moisture of the chicken, retaining its juiciness inside a remarkably crunchy exterior. Every bite is smoky, savoury, and extremely addictive; it’s no wonder you’ll not just lick your fingers once, but multiple times because the #BBQCrunchChicken is finger-lickin’ lickin’ lickin’ good!

The BBQ Crunch Chicken is available for Dine-in, Takeaway, and KFC Delivery for a limited time

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