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TheWeekendList: 23-25 December 2022

It is Christmas weekend! Are you intending to shop or party?

Party the retro way at ZOUK or with your favourite pop star at Marina Bay Sands!

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10. Singapore’s First Boutique HIIT Studio – FOXX

FOXX revolutionise HIIT workouts and provide a strong community experience, through its proprietary Into The Zone (ITZ) Series, created by Jen Goh, Vice President of Group Fitness and Master Coach. The ITZ Series, an intensive circuit training programme combining cardio with strength and boxing, utilizes specialised equipment, including a specially designed FOXX TROT Sand Step Board and FOXX Abs-Glute Roller, which are lightweight and non-bulky, suitable even for beginners and individuals with no prior fitness experience.

Workouts are also results-driven, where a Myzone heart-rate belt allows individuals to track their performance through a studio screen display, ensuring training at optimum intensity. Coupled with an upbeat environment consisting of light and sound from a rhythm lighting system, the ITZ Series gives individuals the motivation and drive to challenge their limits.

If a regular gym doesn’t cut it for you, you can seamlessly book a session at FOXX through the FiiTBOXX application.

For more information, please click here.

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