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Where To Find Delicious Rice Dumplings In Singapore For Dragon Boat Festival 2022

Whether you're shopping for rice dumplings for yourself or as gifts, we have curated a list of delicious dumplings for you.

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2. Yàn

Yàn commemorates the Dragon Boat Festival with two savoury rice dumplings. The Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with 6 Head Abalone, Roast Duck and Lotus Seed demonstrates the renowned Cantonese culinary arts of braising and roasting.

Relish the robust Sichuan flavours with the Steamed Spicy Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Black Pork Fillet and Diced Shrimps. Australian black pork tenderloin and dried shrimps are stir-fried with Sichuan peppercorn, Sichuan peppercorn oil, and chilli oil, highlighting the signature bold flavours of the region.

This year, Yàn also presents a takeaway Rice Dumpling Gift Set for sharing the festive delight and fostering togetherness with loved ones and corporate associates. Both festive rice dumplings, as well as Yàn’s Homemade Yellow Bean Chilli Sauce are presented in a recyclable paper box adorned with a ribbon.

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