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5 Reasons To Join Under Armour’s “All Out Mile”

Your only competition is the person you were yesterday.

Under Armour (UA) invites you to train alongside fitness professionals in preparation for its  “All Out Mile” event curated for young and old alike. Singapore’s runners will be empowered to run their quickest mile or 1.6km with UA’s help and support. On the fence? Here are five benefits that will make it worthwhile!

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1. Train with Athletes & Coaches

The UA All Out Mile provides everything needed to help runners run their fastest mile. This includes the motivation, coaching, and training plan. With the convenience of the interactive MapMyRun app, your training is made easily accessible at your fingertips. Choosing from the vast amount of training books may be time-consuming and difficult. Having someone dedicated to your goals sift through the muck and present a clear strategy helps you concentrate exclusively on getting the job done. Tailored and focused workouts are effective.

Overtraining is a serious issue. Going too hard, too frequently, might result in injury. Using the knowledge and expertise of athletes and trainers is a great advantage. They have the ability to stimulate the mind and muscles to increase performance during workouts.

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