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Poppy & Co has Cookie Butter!

Move along Nutella, we finally have cookie butter in Singapore

The magical elixir that is cookie butter has been floating around the inter-webs, thanks to the popularity of Buzzfeed and 9Gag. European nations have been enjoying cookie butter, or as they call it, ‘Biscoff’, for a long time where it is readily available in the supermarket.

Cookie Monster

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Now we can finally get some in Singapore, courtesy of Poppy & Co. More specifically, we can get Speculoos Cookie Butter ($13.90 for 400g) in crunchy and creamy. Speculoos biscuits are more commonly known as Lotus over here in Singapore, and it is quite often given as a sweet treat with an order of coffee or tea.

Imagine all that caramelised and cinnamon goodness blitzed into a spreadable mixture. Poppy & Co. currently supplies several baked goods outlets in Singapore such as Fluff Bakery, Bloomsbury Bakers, Once Upon a Milkshake, and Twelve Cupcakes.

Yummy Bakes

Speculoos liquid cheesecake pretzel crumbs cupcake
Speculoos liquid cheesecake pretzel crumbs cupcakefrom Fluff Bakery

In our opinion, Fluff Bakery uses the speculoos butter in the best way. The Speculoos Liquid Cheesecake Pretzel Crumbs Cupcake is one of the best I’ve had, and I dislike cupcakes. Once Upon a Milkshake’s sister store, Once Upon a Rosti, even created a rosti with speculoos crumbs and butter, resulting in a sweet and savoury delight. Talk about epic meal time!

Joys Baking & Co specialises in macarons, and they even have speculoos butter-filled macarons. The creamy speculoos cookie butter is emulsified into a Valhora Opah 33 percent white chocolate ganache with cookie crumbs. Absolutely sinful and delicious.

Or if you’re not a baker, just grab a spoon and eat it straight out the jar!

Yes, it is that good.

For more information visit www.poppyandco.me

By Cheryl Chia