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This New Restaurant Lets You Dine Like Alexander The Great

Take a culinary journey through the Mediterranean, North India and Greece

By Samantha Francis

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You’ll find Aryaa replete with an incredibly grand setting.

When I first stepped foot into Aryaa, I remember chuckling to myself thinking how appropriate this restaurant would be for a medieval themed party.

Bronze age nobility or kitsch?

Replete with an incredibly grand setting, the space is a mashup of Bronze Age nobility and pop cultural kitsch.

You’ll find upholstered furnishings, copper toned surfaces and draping curtains, all illuminated by moody ambient light — yes, even during during the day. At the far end of the restaurant, an oversized iron mask graces the wall as the centerpiece. Mini disco balls looked out of place as they hung from the ceiling, which I found out, were leftovers from a recent party.

Aryaa claims to be the first restaurant in Singapore that let diners embark on a culinary journey along the route of world renowned conqueror, Alexander the Great.

What this means is that diners will get to enjoy cuisine from the Mediterranean, North India and Greece; places that the conqueror himself travelled to.

A culinary journey

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The Garides Saganaki is best enjoyed with some herb pita bread.

As recommended, I started my meal with Garides Saganaki ($17) from the Greek menu. The vibrantly coloured stew arrived, with bubbling feta cheese atop a bed of prawns baked with tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs.

It was served with herb pita bread, which was great for mopping up the tartly sweet tomato stew and briny feta. The prawns, however, were slightly mushy.

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The Pasrur Malai Tikka was succulent and incredibly tender.

Afterwards, I journeyed to the North Indian subcontinent where I enjoyed the Pasrur Malai Tikka ($16).

Cooked in the tandoor oven, the chicken kebab, lapped in creamy cheese, lemon juice and coriander, was succulent and incredibly tender. There was a very slight hint of spiciness but I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

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The Stifado is served in a traditional Tajine.

For mains, I chose the Stifado ($26), which was served in a traditional Tajine (traditional Moroccan terracotta pot). The flavourful lamb leg cooked in its own juices was paired with creamy mash potatoes — a winning combination.

This dessert’s a must-try

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The Galaktoboureko comes with homemade custard.

For dessert, I opted for the classic Grecian dessert, the Galaktoboureko ($15). The decadent creation consists of homemade custard wrapped in a golden brown, crispy phyllo pastry and is drizzled with melted butter, scented syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

The custard was milky and not overly sweet, while the light layers of phyllo pastry gave a wonderful mouthfeel to the dessert. Hands down, it was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a while.

The chefs at Aryaa boast years of experience in Mediterranean and North Indian cuisine, and thankfully, it shows. In light of the well-executed dishes, I’m more than happy to overlook my slight disdain for the over-the-top decor.

Aryaa, Diners Building, 7500E Beach Road, #01-201, Singapore 199595