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5 Picture-Perfect Christmas Cookies

Baked With Love Christmas Cookies ($2 each)

Christmas is a time for cookies! Can you bear to eat these gingerbread offerings? We round up the adorable offerings around town

What makes you happiest during Christmas? It could be the festive gifts, the bubbly songs, but of all, it has to be the food. We covered turkeys, log cakes and gingerbread houses previously – now for the smaller goodies in any feast, the cookies! Here are our choice picks.

Antoinette Cookie Christmas Tree ($48.15)
Antoinette Cookie Christmas Tree ($48.15)

Antoinette Cookie Christmas Tree

Looking as good as they taste, this edible creation makes the perfect centrepiece for any Christmas parties. Transforming traditional Christmas cookies into a centrepiece, the Cookie Christmas Tree features almond and candied orange cookies with subtle favours of gingerbread spice.

Available at Antoinette outlets

Baked With Love Christmas Cookies ($2 each)
Baked With Love Christmas Cookies ($2 each)

Baked With Love Cookies

Baked With Love is a designer cookie brand based in Singapore. Each cookie is lovingly baked and hand-crafted by the cookie artists. They can last up to two months from the point of purchase.  Every cookie is individually wrapped and comes with a Christmas tag.

Available at Bakedwithlove.wordpress

York Bakery Christmas Bundle ($18)
York Bakery Christmas Bundle ($18)

Yoke Bakery Christmas Bundle

Yoke Bakery bakes their cookies fresh upon order. The cookies are handmade and personally delivered to by the baker herself. These cute little Christmas treats make an excellent gift for this festive occasion. They are handmade using classic shortbread cookies decorated with lemon royal icing.

Available at Yokebakery.com

Nom Box Secret Santa Box ($25.90)
Nom Box Secret Santa Box ($25.90)

Nom Box Secret Santa Box

The Secret Santa Box is a great idea for those who wants to surprise their friends and loved ones with a gift of sweetness and indulgence. Filled with the yummiest festive treats lovingly baked by top cafes and bakeries in Singapore – from the classic gingerbread man to a chocolate truffle tart, expect yumminess!

Available at Nomnom.sg

The Westin Gingerbread Boy ($4)

The Westin Gingerbread Boy

Usher in the festive season with a collection of eye-catching merry offerings from The Westin Singapore. This Christmas, indulge yourself with a sugary treat with these adorable creations. The cookies are soft with perfectly puffed edges and crisp, golden bottoms.

Available at The Westin

By Nicole Lee