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#ThirstyThursdays: 5 New Whisky Offerings

Life’s always better with more whisky.

This week, we bring to you five new Whiskies from around the globe, for you whisky lovers!

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1. Port Charlotte 

The Port Charlotte expression that comes in opaque green bottles and is “a nod to the heavily-peated Islay category”. It got its name from the nearby silent distillery, which stopped producing Spirits in 1929. This lovely vintage is made from local barley and was matured for ten years in a combination of first-fill Bourbon, Sherry, Tempranillo and French wine casks. It’s an authentic heavily peated Whisky with a full-bodied and rich dram with a long and peaty finish.

Sherry and peat are the first aromas on the nose, followed by black pepper, cinnamon and mint with earthy notes of the Atlantic coast and peat moors. The first sip is a brilliant introduction of Bourbon and Sherry, followed by chocolate orange, smoked malt and dark toffee; finishing with the subtle sweetness of American Bourbon wood.

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