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SIRI HOUSE Reopens with New Menus and Refreshed Spaces

Enjoy the new Menus and Refreshed Spaces from SIRI House hidden in the busy urban life. Be Surprise by their new menu that will take your breathe away.

We can now dine out with our family and friends and a lot of restaurants are starting to accept both dine-in and takeaways at their place directly. SIRI HOUSE has reopened with new creations, cocktails and refreshed spaces. The restaurant, Art Space and Collective Market retail store is founded by Thai Luxury Property Developer, Sansiri.

The Sales Gallery now doubles up as the newly revamped The Bar at SIRI HOUSE where you can enjoy pre and post dinner aperitifs, digestifs and bar snacks in a replica luxury Sansiri apartment.

SIRI HOUSE’s new menu celebrates the vibrance of the Modern Asian family table. In a collaborative approach, Head Chef Leo Pang curates a menu evoking the favourite food memories of his culinary team

You can also enjoy fresh air on their new alfresco Terrace overlooking the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill. Whether you are dining indoors or outdoors, enjoy a spread of delicious new a la carte dishes, inspired by the nostalgic flavours of childhood favourites and family cooking, reinvented, reimagined and delivered from SIRI HOUSE to your table.

Their new menu celebrates the vibrance of the Modern Asian family table. Head Chef Leo Pang (formerly from Le Benardin) curates a menu evoking the favourite food memories of his culinary team.

The menu showcases a sumptuous selection of Small and Large Plates to share. Small Plate highlights include the Burrata(S$26.00) that pairs creamy cheese with red chilli salsa, garlic chive crumbs, tomato honey and crisp papadums.


We also realized that there are new elements added to our favourite Scallop (S$29.00). It showcases thick cut wild caught Hokkaido Scallops dressed with dashi jelly, smoked ikura, sea grapes and house cured Hamachi “Bacon”. We were impressed by the freshness of the seafood and smoked ikura that was specially prepared by the chef.


While you are there, be sure to try their signature duck. Inspired by the flavours and components of Chef Leo’s favourite Duck (S$32.00) and Yam Paste dish enjoyed at Chinese banquets, five-spice marinated duck breast is served with hand-sliced fried yams, roasted cashews and finished with a goji berry sauce enhanced with mandarin orange puree.

Another new menu highlight is our Iberico Pork Ribeye (S$32.00) , sous vide cooked, crumbed and deep-fried before being paired with an addictive nori mayo, smoked chilli mustard and pickled red cabbage. Guests will also enjoy the pan-seared Barramundi. Served with charred leeks, pickled red chilli and a duo of mushrooms, the delicate fish is finished with a rich anchovy and laksa emulsion.

Orange & Chocolate

Of course, do not forget to end your dinner with desserts. The Orange & Chocolate (S$16.00)  sees chocolate mousse infused with an unlikely addition of preserved tangerine peel (Chen Pi). It is finished with cacao nibs, a candlenut ice cream and a dehydrated chocolate mousse tuille for a combination of sweet, salty, creamy and crisp in one bite. The dessert has a unique taste. Take a bite and you will fall in love with it instantly.

Got Milk

To complement the new dining programme, the restaurant’s cocktail programme has been extended to celebrate pre and post-dinner drinking. You can now enjoy an additional selection of 5 aperitifs and digestifs that are bright and refreshing – perfect to open up the palate pre-meal or complete your dining experience post-dinner.

SIRI HOUSE is also introducing two new refreshed spaces for the enjoyment of food, drinks and conversation. SIRI HOUSE’s Sales Gallery also houses a stunning 15-seater now known as The Bar at SIRI HOUSE. You can enjoy the feel of dining and drinking at home as The Bar replicates the luxury and eclectic style of a Sansiri apartment complete with plush sofas and private dining area.

SIRI HOUSE is located at Blk 8D, #01-02 Dempsey Hill, Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672.

For reservations, please contact +65 9487 1552-or books online.

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