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10 Sakura-themed Food and Drinks That Will Teleport You to Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

This year’s cherry blossom season feels a little different.

The blooms might be far away, but you may get a taste of Japan right here in Singapore with this sakura-themed food and drinks.

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1. Kuriya Japanese Market

Waltz into the Spring Season with Kuriya Japanese Market snacks and desserts starting from $2! Dig into the Sakura Ebi Inari, Sakura Hako Sushi, and a roll of Sakura Duo Maki which features flavours of seasoned sakura shrimp, Japanese sea bream, avocado, egg, cucumber, Japanese rice seasoning.

Also not to be missed is the Kuriya Japanese Market Great World outlet exclusive Sakura Tai Chirashi Don, featuring Japanese sea bream, and rose-shaped salmon sashimi cradling pearls of glistening salmon roe sitting on a bowl of sakura shrimp-flavoured sushi rice. These spring exclusives are available from 1 April – 31 May 2021.

Besides these, Kuriya Japanese Market Spring Promotion is also going on:
– Sakura Sweets Promo: Any 2 Sakura Monaka / Sakura Daifuku Mochi for S$10 (UP: S$11.60)
– Marshmallow Promo: Any 2 Jelly Filled Marshmallow (Strawberry / Blueberry) for S$5 (UP: S$5.60)

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