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Rock & Roll With Pyxiemoss’ Small Plate Dishes

Creative dishes and intriguing cocktails with a cool British slant

Photos: Pyxiemoss


Chef-Owner Tim Ross-Watson dreamt up Pyxiemoss’ menu while “locking himself up in a room and blasting Guns N’ Roses”.

You’d be forgiven for associating Pyxiemoss with Kate Moss, but the two have more in common than you think.

Like the English Model and rock-chick-at-heart, the cool cat of a restaurant, is not one for conventions.

For a start, the moss within the name is derived from pixie moss, the only flowering moss in over 12,000 species and as such, truly hardy and resilient.

Secondly, Chef-Owner Tim Ross-Watson dreamt up the menu while “locking himself up in a room and blasting Guns N’ Roses”. Not surprising for a joint where the chef’s badass Harley Davidson is parked just right outside.

The result? A menu brimming with experimental and creative eats that draw inspiration both from his English roots and love for Asian ingredients.


Curious treats to start.

Curious treats

As a teaser of sorts, we were first served curious treats like the Carrot Dog ($5). A gula melaka glazed, char-grilled carrot took the place of a meat sausage, with condiments in the form of curry ketchup, tangy achar and coriander. It was so flavourful, we barely discerned it was vegetarian.

Next up, a wooden bowl with the likes of deconstructed sea coconut strips, chili, coriander made its appearance.

For a portion that looked a little miserable within the oversized bowl, the flavours were larger than life. The Seaviche ($8) — a playful twist on the ceviche dish — replaces raw seafood with sea coconut slices, and is paired with hickory smoked corn chips. We give this one an A+ for effort.


We found ourselves digging endlessly into The Tribbiani.

Playful textures

Moving on from these delicate flavours, we found ourselves digging endlessly into The Tribbiani ($15). Manners were forgotten as soon as we discovered how good crunchy focaccia chips tasted with the silky and luscious duck liver mousse.

All it needed was a dash of the accompanying Pedro Ximénez soaked Medjool date jam, for a winning balance between sweet and briny.

Hungry for more? Try Not Just The Tip ($14), a dish served in the form of a flourishing planter. One could consider this a rebellious take on the Waldorf salad, where the root, leaves, stem and tip of the celery are all used.

The complex layering of textures and flavours worked exceptionally well together, especially with the addition of green apple and candied walnuts for crunch, and stilton cheese for a touch of creaminess.


Hungry for more? Try Not Just The Tip, a dish served in the form of a flourishing planter.

Childhood sweets

For desserts, pay homage to your childhood with the indulgent Snickerz ($10). Altogether, the mochi-textured chocolate cake, paired with chocolate peanuts, brittle, gula melaka ice cream and Thai basil, created a symphony of salty-sweet flavours. We predict this will be an instant hit with both adults and kids.

With his no-hold-barres cooking philosophy, along with a waste-not attitude towards his ingredients, Chef Tim looks set to jolt the F&B scene with Pyxiemoss.

43 North Canal Road

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