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Recipe: Mini Pavlovas

Food Recipe Mini Pavlovas Deborah Yap

Food Recipe Mini Pavlovas Deborah Yap


Pavlova Shells

Makes about 40 mini pavlova shells
• 9 egg whites
• 250g castor sugar
• 375g icing sugar (sifted)
• 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
• 2 drops pink colouring

Custard cream

• 250ml cold water
• 170g instant custard mix
• 200ml whipped topping cream


• 250g strawberries (chopped)
• 2 medium mangoes (chopped)
• 4 kiwis (chopped)


Pavlova Shells

1) Pre-heat your oven to 100 degrees Celsius.
2) Whisk egg whites at medium to high speed, and reduce once soft peaks form.
3) Add in the sugar and increase the speed until stiff peaks are formed.
4) Divide the mixture into half.
5) Add in the pink colouring and fold in using a spatula.
6) Transfer the mixture into each piping bag and pipe.
7) Bake the piped shells in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 1 hour, and let them dry.

Custard cream

1) With the custard mix in a bowl, pour the cold water into the bowl while whisking, until a soft paste is formed.
2) Whip the topping cream until it droops slightly from the ends of the beater.
3) Carefully fold in the whipped cream into the custard cream.
4) Then transfer into a piping bag.


1) Take each empty shell and fill it up with prepared custard cream.
2) Add in the fruits.
3) Serve immediately.


• Ensure egg whites are at room temperature.
• Ensure no egg yolk bits.
• Add in sugar when the egg whites are foamy and still watery.
• Egg whites have to be used immediately in order not to lose air bubbles.
• When piping shells, pipe from centre then down. Avoid slanting the piping bag.
• Ensure your whipped cream and water are cold.
• Heavy whipped cream is best used.
• Instant custard powder should be able to be found in NTUC FairPrice or Phoon Huat outlets.

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