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8 Pretty and Cute Mooncake Sets For Gifting

Need a gift to someone dear? How about a set of pretty or cute mooncakes?

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1. BYND ARTISAN Mooncake, S$88.00

Two Singapore brands are known and beloved for their thoughtful craftsmanship, Bynd Artisan and Sunday Folks, present a sentimental box of bunny-shaped mooncakes. It represents the sweet spot of the home, of togetherness. Inspired by Singapore’s Chinese heritage, “Tùgether” is a cheeky portmanteau joining the Chinese character for rabbit “兔” and “together”.

Each mooncake is handmade in the shape of a rabbit in mochi snow skin with gilded bunny ears and Japanese shiro-an filling with yuzu zest. Six pieces come in a full-moon-inspired box with Nappa-leather handle at S$88, accompanied by a limited-edition Rabbit Bag Charm in cow-hide leather.

The Bynd Artisan + Sunday Folks Experience Store is located at ION Orchard, #04-11.

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