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Omakase Burger Dishes Up All-New Omakase x Impossible Burger

Meatless Mondays just got better with the new Omakase x Impossible Burger.

Following the island-wide launch of Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat earlier this month, homegrown burger brand Omakase Burger has dished up its own interpretation of the Impossible Burger on 21 March 2019.

Photo: Omakase Burger

Named the Omakase X Impossible Burger, the burger’s patty is a one-of-a-kind, customised patty that comprises a blend of the original Impossible patty with a selection of handpicked plant-based ingredients by Omakase Burger’s culinary team. This serves to deliver more umami flavour in each bite while staying true to the purpose of a plant-based patty.

Take your pick from either the Omakase x Impossible Burger (S$19.90) or the premium version, the Impossible Trufflemeister Burger (S$22.90). There will also be the Impossible Chilli Cheese Fries (S$6.90 / S$7.90), as well as the Impossible Salad (S$14.45 / S$15.45), a vegan option for two of their existing menu items.

So, how does the Omakase x Impossible Burger fare?

If you’ve tried Omakase Burger before, you’ll know that it’s different from other burger places because of its signature “smashed burger” style, where the patty is pressed against a grill to produce a flatter, caramelised crust on the exterior. Well, here, this unique cooking method also helps to bring out the intense smokey, umami flavour of the Omakase x Impossible patty.

We tried the patty on its own, and in the burger, and we have to say – for those who are looking for a vegetarian alternative to meat, whether for health or dietary requirements, this is absolute the patty for you.

The patty fell apart a little easily in our mouths, but was amazingly juicy, with a delicious charred flavour, and the promise of umami that lingered on our tongues. If this was a blind taste test, we probably wouldn’t have been able to tell this apart from a regular Omakase burger!

Next up was the Impossible Trufflemeister Burger – a hefty fella featuring the Omakase x Impossible patty, a truffle cream sauce, cranberry sauce, lettuce and tomato. The sauce was generous and delightfully creamy and fragrant – delicious, delectable, and yet not too overpowering or rich. The cranberry sauce too, added a fruity nuance to the burger.

Here, the savoury, beefy taste of the Omakase x Impossible patty paired well with the different sauces, and made for a filling and luxurious meal.

Photo: Omakase Burger

What we loved too about the Omakase Burgers, and what contributed to our enjoyable experience, was the Martin’s Rolls potato buns that Omakase Burger recently launched as part of its 5-Star Burger campaign in January 2019.

Renowned celebrity chefs like David Chang of Momofuku and Bobby Flay use these highly-praised hamburger rolls – and Omakase Burger is the first brand in Asia to incorporate these famous potato rolls into their burgers. It took years for Omakase Burger founder Cheng Hsin Yao to secure Martin’s Bakery’s potato rolls – and we think it’s definitely worth it!

Fluffy, light, and with a tight crumb; the potato buns held together well, and their delicate buttery taste complement the burgers well, not turning soggy. Delish!

If you’re a fan of chilli cheese fries, don’t miss out on the Impossible Chilli Cheese Fries! With the perfect ratio of sauce to fries, the Omakase x Impossible “meat” was amazingly moreish with the right hit of spice, and we couldn’t stop having one fry after another!

With Omakase x Impossible Foods, we think that we just found our new favourite place to go for Meatless Mondays!

Omakase Burger @ Picnic Food Park
435 Orchard Road, #03-15, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877