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10 Limited Edition Food to Boost Your National Day Mood

Limited-edition Flavours for National Day 2021.

Gather your loved ones and have a celebration with delicious and sumptuous food.

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2.  Creamier x Kim Guan Guan Collaboration

This National Day, Creamier collaborates with a local traditional coffee roaster – Kim Guan Guan to commemorate the heroes with our favourite local breakfast – Kopi and Teh.

They launch two new limited-edition National Day ice creams – Kopi-Peng and Teh-Peng which featuring the rich and robust flavours of Kim Guan Guan’s traditional locally roasted coffee powder and finest Kenyan tea dust.

In order to fully enjoy and savour the treats of our local breakfast, their Kaya Toast will also make a comeback! The Kaya Toast ice cream is made using sweet coconut milk infused with pandan leaves for the base, with bits of buttered toast sprinkled in as a tribute to our local breakfast.

These three new Creamier ice cream flavours cost S$3.90 per scoop and S$12.90 per pint. They will be available at all Creamier outlets and online shop purchases from 6 August 2021 to 31 October 2021.

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