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Prata Oozing With Chili Crab & Salted Egg Yolk

Tried-and-tested dishes at the Best Signature Dish Restaurant of Weekender Foodmania Awards 2016

Photos: Big Street


Dine out often enough and you’re bound to encounter various creative renditions of the Chilli Crab, often said to be our National Dish.

At Big Street, they’ve done an impressive job of fusing local flavours into bold and dare-we-say, very Instagrammable dishes. Their signature dishes read like a list of potentially Internet-viral creations — from Salted Egg Prata Bomb to Chilli Crab Prata Coins and even Chilli Crab in Prata Bag.

We found ourselves drawn to the Chilli Crab Prata Coins. A row of rotund, crisp and buttery coin pratas were served alongside a deep dish of chilli crab sauce studded with chunks of crab flesh.

Simply grab one, swirl it in the sauce and enjoy. The spicy-sweet sauce offered just enough kick to complement the richness of the prata.

This dish is perfect for those who love chilli crab but don’t fancy the trouble of battling the shells.


A close second is the Salted Egg Prata Bomb, an extra chewy but no less crispy version of the prate kosong (plain prata). Slice your knife through and watch as the thick, molten salted egg sauce flows out.

While this could be easily considered the nemesis of any diet, each mouthful was the perfect blend of salty-sweet goodness.


Big Street, 104-106 Jalan Besar.

Weekender Foodmania Awards Best Signature Dish: Chili Crab Prata Coins by Big Street