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10 Creepy Ghost Encounters From Real Singaporeans

These stories will have you burning joss sticks when it’s not even the Seventh Month

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As part of a recent Halloween campaign, Weekender reached out to our readers to share with us their most eerie ghost stories in a short excerpt.

From a total of about 100 submissions, we have selected 10 creepiest ones that sent chills down our spines.

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“I recall one night working in the research lab during my final university year. There was no one else around except me… Suddenly I smelled very strong cigarette smoke in the room. I turned around but again I saw no one…

As I proceeded with my work, suddenly there was a loud familiar Hainanese male voice calling out for my name. It was my dead Grandpa. I had a scare and turned around. But again there was no one. At least I knew where the cigarette smell was coming from.”

– Loh Siew Chin, 36

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