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Are you ready for Maria’s Sugapova?

Are you ready for some Suga? Maria Sharapova proves that she is not just a pretty tennis star!

Not content with being the darling of tennis, Maria Sharapova is venturing into the world of confectioneries. Her first stop is the sugary world of sweets! Released in nine flavours, each of them reflects a personality of hers that has drawn so many men to a renewed interest in tennis. We highlight our favourite four.


Flirty boosts of lips-shaped gummies in varying flavours. But honestly, flavour doesn’t matter when you imagine these to be little Sharapova kisses, does it? Now go treat yourself to some sugar love!


Chic is probably the most adorable of them all, I am still wondering if I would bear to eat the little hand bags and heels! It is such a classy little treat.


Splashy is just in time for Halloween. I almost mistook the starfish for a spider! I think the turtle is the cutest of the lot. I am steering clear of the rest, especially the almost-turtle!


Smitten Sour is a nice touch, catering to those of us without a sweet tooth. I like it for its pretty colours, it feels like I’m chewing on a mini, sour rainbow!

Sugapova is available in Robinson’s the Heeren at $7.50 per packet.