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Celebrate Christmas with Juchheim

Juchheim is gearing up for Christmas! Their packages this year look mighty adorable. Which is your pick?


Juchheim is a name synonymous with quality cookies. A common packaging of Juchheim is a printed, vintage black and white montage of a photo collection, with the word “Juchheim” emblazoned across.

For Christmas this year, Juchheim opts for a splash of colour as it introduces its liveliest gift sets yet.

For the Sweet Tooth

Those with a sweet tooth will love the Baumkuchen Christmas Package Limited Edition, which features the classic Baumkuchen – an intricately-rolled chiffon cake that oozes buttery goodness in every fluffy layer, and with a glaze coating.

The “Plain” version ($14.90 per box) has received rave reviews from cake lovers, with most of them highlighting how soft and light it tastes. There is also a Chocolate version, Baumkuchen Schokolade ($16.50). The limited edition package has a special lid for Christmas.

Prefer a Chewy Chip?

For those of you who like a crunch in your cookies, the Christmas Teegeback would be timely. Adorned with a whimsical painting of Santa Claus in snow, this set features 14 different designs in one single box.

Each of the cookies carries its own flavour with butter being the primary base, and taste. The chocolate-coated pretzel cookie is the prized-favourite. You’ll wish it was sold on its own!

Fix a Chocolate Craving

The Chocolate Crunch is a simple box containing two single pieces of chocolate. Juchheim is more famous for its cake but its range includes chocolates too.

Each morsel of the Chocolate Crunch is crispy and satisfying.

The chocolate shavings come off lightly as you take a bite into the rich, moist centre. It is a simple yet delightful treat.

Make your Christmas even more special.

Juchheim, Takashimaya Singapore, 391 Orchard Road, #B2 205 3-1, Singapore 238873