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Making Hand-Shaken Beverage Brand, Don’t Yell At Me Is Coming to Singapore!

Take a sip, calm down, and Don't Yell At Me, please.

Co-founded by Taiwanese variety show personality, Yako Chan (丫头), alongside a few like-minded business partners, Don't Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间) is finally coming to Singapore on 29 October 2021.

Don't Yell At Me is not your average hand-shaken beverage brand. Inspired by the honest sentiments of modern-day hustlers and their daily struggles, one is never alone in their struggles as one step into a safe space that welcomes all.

“喜好真誠,討厭諂媚,但我不說” – 不要对我尖叫
"Sincerity is favoured, pretentiousness is frowned upon, but my lips are sealed "– Don't Yell At Me.

Everyone is encouraged to take a moment to slow down purposefully. Be introspective and discover the beauty of everyday life as moods are lifted with the favourite hand-shaken beverages and be treated only with friendliness, consideration and empathy.

The beverage brand now boasts over 380 stores worldwide, including China, Japan, United States, Canada, Malaysia…and Singapore! Their first store will carry a minimalistic café concept located at Orchard Central.

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Grapefruit and Lychee Fruit Tea (香柚荔枝水果茶)
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