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Our take on the NOM Box

The NOM Box is a dessert subscription service – subscribers get to discover and enjoy a carefully curated box of glorious desserts

In line with their mission to deliver happiness, the folks at nomnom.sg hope that The NOM Box allows their subscribers and those who receive it as a gift to feel surprised, delighted and loved.

So many delights, so little time!
So many delights, so little time!

What’s in the box

There will be $15 worth of desserts and snacks from across different bakeries and cafes around Singapore. Subscribers will be able to indulge in treats such as a slice of cake, tarts, brownies, cupcakes and even fruit chips.

I personally would love to have more cupcakes. Something so tiny and adorable would go perfect well with the box! Absolutely instagram-worthy too.

This is our NOM box for the month of September!

Picks of the lot

For starters, I have always wanted to try the offerings of Carpenter and Cook but because it is so hidden in Bukit Timah, I never could find the time to drive over. And now, to have it on my desk so lovingly packed was a wonderful surprise. The muffin was tasty and sufficiently warm. I loved the almond bits!

I actually didn’t know what was a pralet prior to do but I do now. This new treat was very chocolate-ly and its flavor was supremely decadent. I especially love the wafer crunch. If I could I would have ordered another.

But what actually sold us on the box is the convenience of it. We were feeling hungry at the office and this came at just the right time – everyone of us managed to try a slice and now we are all in love.

Are you hungry? Check out more about NOM box at: http://nomnom.sg

By Nicole Lee