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Top 7 Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Still stressing over where to go?

I can imagine your partner in the background talking about how you two “never go on dates anymore” and about how she permed her hair/ got a new cologne and you didn’t even notice.

Now, I am going to give you the perfect guide to the perfect day that will keep him/ her happy long enough to give you some peace for a while! You have the usuals – the movies, the picnics, the long mosquito-infested walks at the park.

But most of all – you have the most romantic restaurants in Singapore.

We save the best for last:

Taken from the rwsentosa blog
Photo from the RWSentosa blog

#7 Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

There is nothing quite as exquisite as watching eels glide by as you tuck into your grilled fish and chips. We are kidding. But in all honesty, is there anything grander than having marine life join you for dinner? Just be sure to not order the seafood. That would not be tasteful at all!

Photo from Resort World Sentosa website
Photo from the Resort World Sentosa website

#6 Hard Rock Hotel Rock Bar

This is not technically a restaurant but how often do you get to lounge submerged against a bar while sipping on cocktails fancier than the waiter’s suit? This is our pick for the post-meal, where you two can catch up over fond memories and happy times. No talk about CPFs or Medisave please.

Photo from the Marina Bay Sands website

#5 Ku De Ta Restaurant

There truly is nothing like Ku De Ta. To be so high above ground, enjoying spectacular views as you dine on food fresh from the kitchen. Anyone would feel like renewing their love here. And you could even head down to the club in less than 5 minutes.

Photo from the Indochine Group website
Photo from the Indochine Group website

#4 Indochine Club Street

Smack in the middle of this boisterous street would be Indochine’s newest pride and joy. Who says romantic must be about views and roses? This edgy one would do really well for those who scoff at the usual romantic ambiances. A funky place indeed.

Photo from The Chosen Glutton website
Photo from The Chosen Glutton website

#3 1-Altitude Al Fresco Bar

The view is breathtaking here. As the highest bar in Singapore, it is inevitable it would find its way into my list. In a comfortable setting with drinks and cigars at your fingertips, and gourmet meals just 2 floors down, this place is perfect for love.

Photo from the Time Out Singapore website
Photo from the Time Out Singapore website

#2 Lantern @ Fullerton Bay

I love lounging restaurants. This restaurants serves up class A food with an ambiance that is unbelievably romantic. There is nothing dinner by the river can’t fix. This place could offer you the opportunity to talk about that expensive football channel or new Chanel bag that you want. People say “yes” easier when intoxicated in these settings!

Photo from the Sassy Mama Sg website
Photo from the Sassy Mama Sg website

#1 Sentosa Sand Bar

There is nowhere I love as fiercely as Sand Bar. The food here are really just finger food and the drinks are the usual, but what is so devastatingly beautiful is the idea of walking along the beach at night when the ardent beach-goers have finally packed up and watching the nightly fireworks over at Songs of the Sea.

There is something magical about the lapping sounds of the waves and the sand between your toes that makes this place truly the most romantic spot in Singapore for me.

What do you think? Or did I leave any more romantic restaurants in Singapore out? Let me know in the comments!

By Nicole Lee