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Lady M Jewel Changi: A Sweet New Experience

The New York cake boutique is most famed for its mille crepe cakes – and Lady M Jewel Changi offers a new dessert experience with an exclusive range of Bon Bons!

Lady M at Jewel is the cafe & boutique’s fifth outlet in Singapore with an open-concept space that can seat up to 50, coloured in a light marble palette distinct to the brand that will make you think of people-watching along the Rue Des Barres, or having an afternoon pick-me-up at a cafe in the Upper East Side.

Photo: Lady M Singapore

Those with a huge sweet-tooth or cake addiction would know that Lady M is one of the places to go if you want a good slice of mille crepe cake, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with Lady M Jewel’s selection of mille crepe flavours! From favourites such as the Marron and Signature Mille Crepes, as well as the seasonal Sakura Berry Mille Crepes (available until 30th April 2019), indulge your dessert-loving self here – and don’t forget to try their brand-new Pistachio Mille Crepes, too!

Photo: Lady M Singapore

The first pistachio-flavoured cake by Lady M, it has a border of crushed pistachios, and the paper-thin, pillowy crepes are layered with nutty, mildly-sweet light whipped cream. It makes its debut in May, so keep your eyes (and stomachs) peeled!

Plus, if you’re travelling, you don’t have to worry about the whipped cream in the cake melting! Lady M Jewel will be introducing frozen mille crepe cakes soon, allowing you to travel and enjoy fresh mille crêpes!

Photo: Lady M Singapore

However, mille crepe cakes aren’t the only sweet treats Lady M Jewel is offering! The Jewel store is also debuting the brand’s first-ever Bon Bons line!

Photo: Weekender

It’s a candy wonderland with 23 different flavours that include gummies, flavoured nuts and chocolates, using premium ingredients sourced from all over the world. We loved Summer Berries, wildberry-flavoured and shaped gummies that hit us with a dose of childhood nostalgia, as well as La Vie En Rose – dark chocolate pastilles covered in a thin sugar coating.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, go for the range of cocktail-inspired flavours – we assure you, they are amazingly boozey! Chocolate-lovers would enjoy Peach Vodka Liqueur Chocolate, a white and dark chocolate filled with a refreshing burst of peach vodka; or the intensely flavourful Cognac Orange Liqueur Chocolate. Or, if you’d like something lighter and more playful, go for the Mojito Leaves, a sweet-and-sour chewy gummy with zesty lime and mint flavours!

Photo: Lady M Singapore

We were drawn to the beautifully whimsical, book-inspired packaging the bon bons came in, covered in line drawings of the signature architecture of three major cities: Paris, New York and Beijing. Choose from La Mansarde (3-pack set), which depicts Paris’ Haussman-style architecture; The Brownstone (5-pack set), showcasing New York City’s iconic townhouses; and the Qing Zhuan Dai Wa (8-pack set), inspired by Beijing’s traditional hutong.

The Bon Bons come pre-packed in sets of 3, 5 and 8, with the 3 pack priced at $30++.

Photo: Weekender

If sweets aren’t really your thing (really?), or if you’re having a bite before the main course of um, dessert, you’ll be pleased to know that Lady M has also refreshed their savoury menu!

Go for the Grilled Fresh Mushroom Sandwich or Ham and Aged Cheddar Cheese Sandwich if you’re feeling peckish – we loved the pickled red onions in both sandwiches and how the savoury fillings paired well with the fragrant ciabatta.

For something light, the Crab Salad is a great choice, with the sweet crab meat complemented by the sharpness of the pickled Japanese cucumber. We also loved the Creamy Cauliflower Soup: warm, comforting and topped with roasted almonds, cheesy croutons and aromatic herb oil.

Photo: Weekender

Lady M Jewel Changi Airport
Opening hours: Daily 10AM – 10PM
#02-253, Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666