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#HawkerTreasures: 8 Dishes To Try At Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

Here, you’ll get the best of both traditional hawker fare and ‘hipster’ delights

How do you bring people together in peaceful harmony?

In Singapore, you set up a gastronomy haven for hungry-goers to meet, merrymake and chow down on a mix of traditional and modern cuisines, as exemplified by the latest 770-seater Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre.

The two-storey culinary destination is home to hawkers from all walks of life, where its first floor is lined with 20 stalls serving up traditional hawker fare, while the second, which is playfully called Fareground, is a section for the younger cooks to churn out modern and hipster creations that’ll definitely thrill both the young and the old.

Here, we rounded up eight dishes you should try:

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1. Ayam Penyet ($6), Ayam Penyet 

Ayam Penyet is one of the first few stalls that greets you when you set foot into the hawker centre. Could it be the universe telling you that lunch is fried chicken? Well, we listened and ordered the traditional namesake dish from the stall. While devoid of the ‘smashed’ aspect, the massive chicken leg was fried to perfection with tender meat hidden beneath its crispy battered exterior. Paired with a wedge of fried beancurd, the chicken comes with a plate of rice, drizzled with a delish mildly spicy curry sauce. Thank you, universe!

Unit no.: #01-02

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