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Jumbo Group Introduces HACK IT, Seafood-In-A-Pack

Finally, a no dine-in, virtual concept specialty Seafood-In-A-Pack with Southeast Asian Flavours is here!

Prepared to have a wild, playful and carefree mealtime with the debut of HACK IT – a no dine-in, virtual concept delivering affordable, high quality live and fresh seafood cooked in mouth-watering, bombastic Southeast Asian sauces.

Creamy Butter Sauce

It is also Jumbo Group’s first virtual dining concept. Their newest addition to its portfolio of successful multi-dining concepts. It aims to continue the philosophy of “Bonding People Through Food”. It is filling a gap in the market by offering a satisfying, yet wallet-friendly seafood meal delivery. Without compromising on taste and quality.

Doing away the fuss of dining out – no service charge, no queues, no need to travel out. HACK IT provides the perfect option for a safe and fun-filled seafood feast daily from 11.30am till 10.00pm.

Seafood lovers get to pick from four curated specialty packs starting from S$42:
– ‘Xiao Long Xia’ In A Pack: ‘Xiao Long Xia’ (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g)
– Crab In A Pack: Live Mud Crab (600g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).
– Lobster In A Pack: Live Boston Lobster (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).
– Deluxe Seafood Pack: Live Mud Crab (600g), Live Boston Lobster (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).

Chilli Crab Sauce

Then, select your all-time favorite sauces like the National favorite Chilli Crab Sauce. There are also Black Pepper Sauce, Hot and spicy Mala Sauce, Creamy Butter Sauce, Sweet and Spicy Tomato Sauce and Ginger Spring Onion Sauce.

Rather than tossing sauce over boiled seafood, HACK IT’s Seafood Packs are extra flavourful as the seafood is wok-fried with the sauce.

Hot and spicy Mala Sauce

For those who prefer to customize their own Seafood Packs, there is ‘KIAP It Your Way’ Seafood-In-A-Pack, where you get to choose the seafood items, ingredients, and sauce to your liking!

All Seafood Packs are served with a side of staple: penne pasta, instant noodles, or garlic fried rice.

Toss them in the sauce for the perfect ending or have them separately, the choice is yours.

Signature Salad

To complete your HACK IT experience, select from a range of unique Asian side dishes. Such as HACK IT’s Signature Salad, house-made Crab in the Cake, deep-fried vegetable fritters with oysters, Nonya Oyster Fritters, a signature duo of thick-cut Spam fries and baked ‘Mantou’ Fries – Yuan Yang Fries.

Order now at order.hackitseafood.com.sg.