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Menbaka, Kyoto’s Famous Fire Ramen Debuts its First Overseas Outlet in Singapore

Japan’s No. 1 Fire Ramen, Menbaka Fire Ramen is at Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore now. The first-ever overseas outlet outside of Kyoto, Japan.

Menbaka Fire Ramen is the world’s first-ever fire ramen. The dish gets its name from its over-the-top preparation methods, where chefs ignite negi oil to the point of flames to create a tall fire. Before finally pouring it over their signature broth topped with green onions. The result is a smoky broth that’s so rich, it’s unforgettable.

In 1984, Ramen master Masamichi Miyazawa opened Menbaka Fire Ramen in his native Kyoto. He spent his formative years learning the intricacies of ramen making in kitchens across Japan. Before deciding to open his own ramen-ya in Kyoto.

Wanting to catch people’s attention, Master Miyazawa eventually created the world’s first fire ramen. Menbaka Fire Ramen soon became a hotspot for Japanese diners and tourists from around the world, attracting snaking queues each night. It soon achieved a cult-like status for its tasty and theatrical signature ramen: Menbaka’s fire ramen. Known for creating towering flames and an exquisitely smokey broth.

Shoyu Fire Ramen

In Singapore, you will find familiar favourites, such as their signature Shoyu Fire Ramen which uses the same Shoyu, specially imported from Hyogo’s 220 years old shoyu factory.

Vegetarian Fire Ramen

The signature Shoyu Fire Ramen broth also consists of chicken, mackerel and bonito brewed over several hours. The Vegetarian Fire Ramen, is as healthy as it is tasty. They’ve also introduced the decadent Tonkotsu Fire Ramen that is new and exclusive to the Singapore outlet only!

Crispy Charcoal Karaage Salad

Another dish that is exclusive to Singapore’s outlet is the Crispy Charcoal Karaage Salad where you can find juicy chicken chunks laid on a fresh bed of greens and drenched with a choice of tangy yuzu and creamy sesame dressing.

Ready to give these tasty ramen a try? Visit them at 8 Grange Road, Cineleisure Orchard, #05-03 Singapore 239695!