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Gram Pancakes: A Puffy Pancake Paradise

Wobble your way into a fluffy pancake heaven with Gram Café & Pancakes – opening in VivoCity on 16th June 2019!

We couldn’t really believe the photos we’d seen floating around on social media – could any pancake, souffle or otherwise, really be that thick and fluffy? Well, we stepped into Gram Café & Pancakes and sat ourselves down, and when the server brought us the plate of the highly-coveted pancakes, carefully shuffling over with both hands steady, all we could do was channel Agnes from Despicable Me because yes, IT’S SO FLUFFY!

Photo: Weekender

Hailing from Osaka, Gram Café & Pancakes is set to conquer the cafe scene with their gorgeous and delectable Japanese pancake recipes. They are known for their long queues back in their homeland, and we’re predicting the same back here! Pancakes here at Gram are slow-cooked on low heat and whipped full of air, resulting in a fluffy texture much like that of a cloud.

Photo: Weekender

The crown jewel of Gram: the signature Premium Pancakes (S$17.90)! A jiggly tower of three 4cm-thick discs, crowned with wonderfully decadent Gram original butter and served with home-made whipped cream and maple syrup, this is a stunner that tastes as good as it looks. Impossibly soft, almost like creme clouds; these pancakes were puffs of sweet bliss on our tongue. Be sure to pair them with the syrup and butter – no pancake is complete without either condiment! If anything, our only quibble is that the pancakes taste a little eggy due to the recipe, but otherwise were delicious.


Photo: Weekender

Be prepared to queue, because these jiggly babies are prepared fresh upon receipt of order, and sales are limited to 3 times a day with only 30 servings each time at 11am, 3pm and 6pm. For more information about this, do visit Gram’s Instagram page!

Photo: Gram Café & Pancakes

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t manage to snag a platter of Premium Pancakes; the eatery isn’t known as Gram Café & Pancakes for naught! Check out the other treats on the menu – featuring a scrumptious variety of sweet and savoury pancake items.

We found ourselves in love with the Rich Tiramisu Pancakes (S$15.90), Gram’s pancake take on the classic Italian dessert. Espresso-soaked pancakes are layered with rich mascarpone tiramisu cream and dusted with cocoa powder to form a gorgeous coffee & chocolate treat that had us digging in for spoonful after spoonful. We would prefer if the pancakes had a tad more coffee though, but perhaps that’s just the caffeine addict in us talking.

Those looking for something refreshing and light can opt for the pretty Mixed Fruits & Chocolate Pancakes (S$15.90), where pancakes are served with a kaleidoscopic medley of fruits, topped with a sweet Crème anglaise and drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce.

Photo: Weekender

Looking for something savoury; breakfast for lunch perhaps? Gram also offers savoury options!

Spice it up with the Chili Beans Pancakes (S$18.90), classic pancakes topped with chili beans sauce and melted cheddar cheese, served with a side of sausage, potato and luscious salad greens. The chili bean sauce had just the right hit of spice – we could eat a whole bowl on its own!

Or go for the classic combination of Turkey Bacon and Scrambled Egg Pancakes (S$18.90); or a more luxe Salmon and Avocado Pancakes (S$19.90).

Gram’s classic thin pancakes use a recipe inspired by the traditional Japanese dorayaki, resulting in doughier, chewy texture. We didn’t like them as much as the Premium Pancakes, finding them a tad tough, although there were varied reactions from the others at our table.

Photo: Weekender

That being said, if you are not much of a pancake person (how dare you), the café also offers three different kinds of French toasts!

Go for the French Toast of Chocolate Banana (S$15.90): Danish French Toast topped with fresh bananas, creamy vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate sauce – the rich ice-cream melts deliciously onto the toast and becomes a wonderful butter substitute, pairing well with the bananas and chocolate.

If you’re in a creative mood, here’s the best part: Gram allows you to DIY your pancakes with toppings for an extra burst of flavour! From sauces to ice cream, fruits to sausages, there are 16 toppings altogether. Go wild and make the pancake plate of your dreams.

Gram Café & Pancakes
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Last Order 9pm)
VivoCity – 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-110, Singapore 098585
(Lobby F – beside Secret Recipe)