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Gooey Cheese Wrapped Around Spicy Pork Ribs? Yes, Please!

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House offers the best of both worlds with street snacks and bingsoos

Photos: Patbingsoo Korean Dining House

Remember Seorae Galmaegi and its delectable pork skirt meat?

The team behind the highly popular Korean BBQ restaurant has opened Patbingsoo Korean Dining House just a couple of floors below.

With a friendly price point and casual set-up, the dining concept ticks all the right boxes when it comes to satisfying diners hankering after a taste of Seoul’s street foods.

The cheese, having acquired a stringy texture, is wrapped around individual pork ribs before they are served.

Street food theatrics

The highlight of the menu is no doubt the Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs. While they certainly aren’t the first Korean diner to offer this Instagram-worthy dish, Patbingsoo’s rendition is pretty delicious.

Presented in a traditional Korean iron-cast pan, slabs of pork ribs are accompanied by the likes of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, sweet corn and potato crisps.

Ready your camera as the waiter begins to melt the cheese using a one-of-a-kind ‘slapping’ technique, gradually mixing sweet corn into the gooey cheese for a savoury-sweet taste.

After which, the cheese, having acquired a stringy texture,  is wrapped around individual pork ribs before they are served.

The cheese-wrapped ribs, coated in spicy gochujang sauce, are tender and meaty. The best part of all? Leftover cheese is piled over slightly soggy fries for a delightful side dish.

A cross between spam musubi and aburi sushi?

For more theatrics, order their signature Dynamic Spam. At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what this dish was all about — spam slices were drizzled with a special gochujang and mayonnaise sauce, surrounded by orbs of tiny rice balls.

As the waiter comes around to torch the sauce, it became clear that this was something of a cross between spam musubi and aburi sushi. The verdict? Tasty but rather filling!

The Sinsa Patbingsoo is shaped just like a rock melon.

Bingsoo haven

True to its name, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House offers a large variety of the iced dessert.

For a refreshing treat or something to cool off after a spicy dish, go for the Sinsa Patbingsoo. Creatively cut to maintain the dome shape of a rock melon, the dessert is filled with crunchy elements including cornflakes and red beans.

The all-time favourite Bibim Patbingsoo.

An unusual offering is the all-time favourite Bibim Patbingsoo, which comes with fruits and jellies that resemble ingredients in a bibimbap dish.

With playful yet tasty dishes, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House is worth visiting especially if a casual Korean feast is on the cards.

#B2-47, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road