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Momiji Shabu Shabu – First and Only Collagen Hotpot Buffet

We visit the newest Momiji Shabu Shabu over at Shaw Balestier and we are sold! Who knew collagen could taste so good?

The brand new Momiji Shabu Shabu just opened its doors and it promises a wonderful gourmet experience. This is where you can indulge in Singapore’s first-ever collagen hotpot buffet at affordable prices. Enjoy an array of over 100 items such as various shabu shabu meat, seafood, sushi, fish balls, bamboo meat paste, vegetables, pastries, desserts and more!

I love the ramen noodles.
Okay so the first spoonful is for noodles, the second spoonful is for ramen, and so on.

An assortment of noodles and more

Look at how gorgeous everything is! I tried one serving of each noodle selection available and I love the dried noodles the most! The ramen goes a little strange with hotpot or maybe I’m just bad at cooking. I am now relatively sure that I will never be satisfied with plain noodles again.

Ready made TGIS food for the impatient – thank god its sushi

Still loading, and loading

Because the hotpot is pure collagen based, it takes a while to melt into soup. This gives the impatient eater (yours truly) time to slowly scour and devour the ready-made offerings of the place. There were sushi and chicken wings and soup and even chawanmushi. I am sold!

There were two chawanmushi choices to choose from – I took the shrimp one. The quality of the chawanmushi is top notch, it was smooth and flavourful, with the shrimp adding a little chew to a mouthful. I miss it.

And the champion of all things de
And now for the champion of all things decadent

I see food on a stick, seafood on a bamboo stick

You have to try this. If not for this little thing, I would’ve have left my seat since I was too busy stuffing my face. These are basically seafood portions that you can choose to cook sparingly by using a little scoop spoon provided, or like me by just pouring the whole chunk in.

It actually cooks really fast so I am glad I didn’t have to wait for seconds! I liked their fish paste stick the best – it is very soft and a little salty and goes perfectly with their sesame sauce. The cuttlefish one comes a close second.

Look at 'em jumbo pranw
Look at ’em jumbo prawns. I want to bring them home

Who said size doesn’t matter?

I never liked prawns – too much effort for too little meat. So imagine my joy when I saw these. I am sorry I didn’t take a better photo but it is hard holding onto a camera when I’m rushing to fill my plate with these.

These are only available at certain times of the day so you have to try this if you’re lucky enough!

Momiji Shabu Shabu is running a promotion now where for every two pax dine-in, customers will get a complimentary premium item of either wagyu beef or snow crab.

I chose the snow crab in a heart beat. It was supremely soft and savoury. I chose not to cook it in the soup and ate it as it is, dipped in their array of specialty sauces, and it didn’t disappoint.

Address: Balestier Shaw Plaza #04-01, S329783

Tel: 6258 3398

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/momiji.japanesebuffet

By Nicole Lee