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Fresh Eats: New Restaurants To Check Out (December 2017)

With so many new tables opening up in Singapore every other month, it can be hard to pick the right ones to dine at. We round up our top picks:

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Photo: Kyuu by Shunsui

6. Kyuu by Shunsui

At $129 for a 10-course dinner, Kyuu by Shunsui in Keong Saik Road probably offers one of the more affordable omakase options in town. Open only for dinner, it also has an a la carte menu, but it’s available only after 9pm. If you have opted for omakase where every dish is
paired beautifully with the most exquisite tasting dips or sauces, the most highly anticipated event for the evening for you should be the serving of rice towards the end of the dinner, just before dessert. Here, instead of the traditional gohan set, you’ll be given Hokkaido rice
nanatsuboshi, which chef Issey Araki will cover with scoop after scoop of salmon roe, while his staff will keep chanting “yoisho”, which is more of a Japanese cheer, rather than a word with an exact meaning. And he doesn’t stop, till you say “enough”.


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