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Walk Through The World From The Dinner Table At Lè Fusion

Lè Fusion is not your typical East-meets-West Restaurant.

The walls of Lè Fusion are decorated with graffiti-esque pop art, with neon signs providing an extra je ne sais quoi.

As you enter the restaurant, you will notice that the place is gently lit by red pendant lamps to provide you with a cosy dining environment.

Lè means joy in chinese. From recipe innovation, curation of ingredients, to an exquistite culinary experience for diners, Lè Fushion hopes to be able to bring joy to everyone who steps into their restaurant.

Start your meal with amuse bouche made in house. Their pretty Focaccia Rose Mantou is made in house for all their guests. A blend of pumpkin and original flour with hints of oregano herbs, the fragrant rose-shaped mantou is served in a mini bamboo steamer.

Advance into unique appetisers such as their popular Imperial Double Boiled Soup ($28), a luxe rendition of the traditional ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’ unexpectedly elevated by premium nu er hong rice wine.

The pan-seared Rougie Foie Gras ($25) is served atop an unassuming bed of Chinese glutinous rice and encircled by an in-house tangy sauce. The melding of this trip creates a flavour which is pleasantly balanced and refreshing while remaining tantalising.


Other well-loved recipes that will bring you through Europe, Australia and Asia such as Tsingtao Beef Fillet ($42), Asian Crusted Provencal Lamb Racek ($46) and Lè Fusion Crispy Pork Roulade ($32) are mains that you have to try when you are there.

If you think the meal ends there, no. Their delicate desserts and unique and special in their own way. Lè Fusion Chendol ($14) is a three-layered concoction of chendol, kidney beans with jelly and crushed ice drizzled with coconut milk and Baileys cream. Their Panna Cotta with Sweet Glutinous ($14) boasts a perfect marriage of the classic Italian panna cotta and pulut hitam, topped with crispy thin house-made lotus seed tuille for an extra crunch.

If the above menu interests you, you may visit Lè Fusion at 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-07/07/09, The Pier @ Robertson.

A Chinese version of the article appeared here.